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You can make a real difference in your community by picking fresh fruits and vegetables for hunger relief. Thank you for your interest in getting involved! If you'd like to volunteer with Hope's Harvest or any other program of Farm Fresh RI, you can get started by completing our online orientation below.

Get started below by completing our online orientation in 3 short steps:
1) Watch a short orientation video about Farm Fresh RI
2) Review and approve a few waivers
3) Complete our volunteer registration form

If you're interested in volunteering with Hope’s Harvest, our gleaning team requests that you take this moment to complete a few additional materials to onboard you as a gleaner for the 2023 harvest season:
4) Watch the Hope's Harvest orientation video
5) Approve the gleaning-specific volunteer agreement

By registering as a volunteer, you are signing up to receive emails from us letting you know about weekly volunteer opportunities with Farm Fresh programs and other ways to get involved in strengthening our local food system. Subscribe to our newsletter for project and community updates, and to learn how you can help coect local people with fresh, nutritious local food.

1) Watch Orientation Video

2) Review Waivers

3) Complete Volunteer Registration Form

Complete the below form — making sure to scroll down and click “Submit" to complete it. Please note: if you have completed this form in the past, you do NOT need to complete all of the fields — only your first name, last name, email address, and checkboxes for waivers are required. If any of your information has changed, entering it here will update your contact in our system.

There are two more short steps after registration before you'll be officially signed up with us for 2023. We ask that before you click “Submit” on the volunteer registration form, please scroll down to watch the Hope’s Harvest program orientation video and read the gleaning-specific volunteer agreement. Once you have reviewed these materials, you are free to scroll back up, check the boxes confirming you have done this, and submit your registration. Thank you very much!

Only volunteers who have completed this process will be able to sign up for volunteer opportunities this season. Feel free to contact us at volunteer@farmfreshri.org with questions. Hope to see you soon!

4) Watch Hope's Harvest Orientation Video

Other orientation resources: Orientation Slides | Orientation Video Transcript

5) Review Hope's Harvest Volunteer Agreement

Hope’s Harvest Volunteer Agreement 2023

By registering as a volunteer with Hope’s Harvest and attending events that we sponsor, you are agreeing to the following terms of participation:

Hope’s Harvest agrees to provide the following services and support to volunteers:

  • Effective leadership of all volunteer events, including on-site briefings, orientation, and trainings before gleans.
  • The necessary equipment and supplies to complete the assigned gleaning activities.
  • An engaging, educational, and interesting experience that produces a tangible benefit for project beneficiaries.
  • An inclusive environment that celebrates a diversity of socio-economic and cultural backgrounds, abilities, orientations, opinions, and interests. All are welcome.

Volunteers must understand and agree to abide by the following expectations and guidelines:

  • I will abide by the Good Samaritan Law, and will not hold farmers, volunteers, Hope’s Harvest, Farm Fresh RI, or any sponsoring organization responsible for any accident, injury, or other loss incurred while participating in the program.
  • I will read and sign the Assumption of Risk & Release of Liability Form when I sign up for Gleaning Trips and prior to participating in any volunteer activities.

On-Farm Guidelines

  • I understand that Gleaning Trips are conducted on private property that the owner has granted permission to enter and glean. Farms are under no obligation to donate food to gleaners/volunteers. Picking food at a particular farm is a privilege and not a right.
  • I will treat host farms, their land, equipment, crops, workers, and fields with respect and care.
  • I will work to the best of my ability to follow all guidelines set out for me regarding the host farm, its produce, land, and equipment.
  • I will make sure gleaning areas are clear of any trash and all supplies are loaded into the gleaning coordinator’s vehicle.
  • I will park only in the areas designated by Hope’s Harvest staff.
  • I will follow the rule of “Pack it in, pack it out” at all gleaning sites. I will remove trash and my personal items from the field.
  • I will not smoke at Gleaning Trips. NO TOBACCO PRODUCTS are allowed on any farm. Even unlit cigarettes or hands that have recently touched tobacco can pose a threat to plants in the form of a highly contagious mosaic virus (i.e. please wash your hands before gleaning if you smoke!).
  • I will keep a respectful distance from all operating and still farm equipment.
  • I will not approach, pet, or feed any animals on our host farms’ land.

Gleaning Basics

  • I will follow all directions given to me by Hope’s Harvest staff.
  • I will handle produce gently. Our goal is to harvest food with care and respect for the farmer, for the land, for the food, for the people who will eat the food, and for the volunteers who are donating their time.
  • I will arrive five minutes early and wait at the designated meeting/parking area until the gleaning coordinator arrives with instructions.
  • I will not bring other individuals to Gleaning Trips who have not signed up and been added to the roster unless approved by a Hope’s Harvest staff member.
  • I will promptly cancel my roster spot if, after signing up for a Gleaning Trip, I find that I am unable to attend.
  • I will be punctual in arriving at Gleaning Trips and communicate directly with Hope’s Harvest staff if I will be late.
  • I will sign in at the beginning of each event and sign out at its conclusion.
  • I will wait to enter any farm fields until I have received instruction regarding a specific glean.
  • I will glean only the crops assigned to me and only occupy the area designated for gleaning.
  • If I arrive late, I will enter the farm fields cautiously to ensure my safety, being aware of my surroundings, and follow all traveled pathways to maintain distance from farm crops.
  • If children under the age of 14 have received staff permission and are allowed at a particular trip, they must be kept under direct supervision of their parent, guardian, or designated caretaker at all times.
  • I will not pick any produce for my personal usage without prior authorization from Hope’s Harvest RI staff.

Gleaners’ Health and Safety

  • To ensure my own personal safety and the safety of others, I will communicate to Hope’s Harvest RI staff any personal medical conditions (recent surgeries, injuries, sicknesses, etc.) that may compromise or affect my ability to safely engage in a Gleaning Trip.
  • I will check the weather the night before and dress appropriately for all events. Close toed shoes, clean clothing, and minimal jewelry are required for all events.
  • I will immediately notify the gleaning supervisor and other gleaners of risks in the field.
  • I will work at a pace that is comfortable for me, I will not lift anything heavier than is comfortable for me, and I will take frequent water and stretching breaks as needed.
  • I will use sunscreen when working outside as needed. Hope’s Harvest staff will have sunscreen and bug spray available if you forget your own.
  • If I am hurt while volunteering, I will notify Hope’s Harvest staff immediately, as they have a first aid kit and are trained in emergency first aid.

Respect and Consideration

  • I will be courteous and show respect to all field leaders, gleaners, farmers, and donation recipients.
  • I will be an active listener and learner. I will offer others assistance in the field when I can and ask for help or clarification if I need it.
  • I will not purposefully damage the tools/equipment belonging to Hope’s Harvest and/or partner farms and will return any tools/equipment that may have been provided to me.
  • I will not arrive under the influence of, bring, or consume alcohol and/or drugs on Gleaning Trips.
  • I will not bring firearms to Gleaning Trips.
  • I will not bring animals to Gleaning Trips.
  • Volunteers are acting as representatives of Hope’s Harvest but may not act as official spokespeople without prior notification.

Food Safety and Handling

  • I will comply with all Hope’s Harvest food safety policies and procedures and adhere to the instructions provided by Hope’s Harvest staff to ensure product integrity.
  • Volunteers will receive information on food safety best practices upon signing up for a trip and a short on-farm food safety training at the trip itself.

I have read, understand and agree to abide by this agreement. My failure to follow the above guidelines may result in the termination of my involvement with all Hope’s Harvest activities. I understand that Hope’s Harvest reserves the right to deny me entry to a Gleaning Trip, or require me to leave a Gleaning Trip, or remove me from the registration list if I do not follow these Terms of Participation. I understand that these Terms of Participation are subject to change without notice.

My registration will add me to our “Dig In: Get Involved” newsletter list so I can receive updates about volunteering with Farm Fresh Rhode Island and other involvement with local food work. I may ‘unsubscribe’ from these emails at any time at the bottom of the newsletter by clicking “unsubscribe from this list.”