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Farm-based food recovery, also known as gleaning, is the ancient practice of collecting unharvested produce from a farmer’s fields and distributing it to people in need. There are over 250 gleaning projects across the United States, which makes gleaning a proven and well documented model for improving food security and minimizing food waste.

Hope’s Harvest started in 2018 as Rhode Island’s first gleaning project. Since then, our program has grown to include not only farm-based food recovery but also expanding markets for local growers via the emergency food system. As of 2022, Hope’s Harvest is proud to be a program of Farm Fresh RI — bringing fresh, nutritious, locally grown produce to our neighbors in need. Read our latest news →

This work is made possible in part by the Rhode Island Foundation, RI Department of Environmental Management, Point32Health Foundation, and other generous sponsors and individual donors.

To improve the livelihoods of local farmers, increase food security for our most vulnerable residents, and get everyone engaged in strengthening the food system by eliminating on-farm food waste in Rhode Island.

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Our Team

Eva Agudelo
Value Chain Strategy Director

Eva oversees and coordinates initiatives at Farm Fresh RI that leverage organizational assets and public private partnerships to increase local food producers’ access to retail, wholesale, institutional, and hunger relief markets. She provides administration and oversight for the implementation of Market Mobile program activities — including those related to the Hope’s Harvest and Farm to School programs — and ensures that these activities are well resourced and work in coordination with Farm Fresh’s other programs.

Brooke Warner
Volunteer Accessibility

Brooke is our Volunteer Accessibility AmeriCorps VISTA member working to develop and expand the ways Hope's Harvest brings people from around RI to strengthen our local food system.

Shannon Hickey
Operations Manager

Shannon is the main point of contact for farmers who want to donate produce. She coordinates and leads our gleaning trips and manages communications to volunteers and our social media.

Ally Jennings
Hunger Relief Manager

Ally works with Market Mobile to ensure all of the food Hope’s Harvest brings in is distributed widely to our dozens of partner agencies through a variety of state and federal programs.