Our team of educators have carefully developed these resources to guide you in your journey with food systems education. Whether you are just getting started, a full-fledged champion, or somewhere in-between, these tools are here for you.

Community Partners

The work that we do would be impossible without our community partners. We are proud to work in collaboration with many partners across the state, and to share their resources with the public.

Rhode Island Healthy Schools Coalition
Reach out for information and support with school wellness policies, healthy activities for your school, and the Local Food Ambassadors program.

University of Rhode Island SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) Education
Reach out for nutrition education for all ages in communities that receive SNAP or WIC, recipes on a budget, and free nutrition resources.

University of Rhode Island Master Gardeners Program
Reach out for help starting a school garden.

Rhode Island Department of Education (RIDE) Child Nutrition Programs
Reach out for regulations and resources related to using local food in Child Nutrition Programs.

Southside Community Land Trust

Rhode Island DEM, Division of Agriculture

Green Circle Design