We're Rooted in The Valley!

Farm Fresh RI has developed a purpose-designed 60,000 sq. ft. facility on the corner of Kinsley Ave and Sims Ave in the Valley neighborhood of Providence. Half of the space will house Farm Fresh RI’s programs and operations, including a year-round farmers market. Remaining space will be leased to food and farm-related small businesses. The site includes a half-acre of publicly accessible greenspace featuring beautiful sustainable, native plantings.

Completion: Fall 2020.

Environmental Stewardship
& Public Greenspace
Farm Fresh RI's commited to the environmental stewardship of our site began with clearing, excavating, and remediating the 3.2 acre lot and investing in cutting-edge stormwater management to prevent runoff into the nearby Woonasquatucket River. A half-acre is reserved as public greenspace — filled with native plantings including large and small shade trees, shrubs, and groundcover that provides habitat and food sources for local fauna and pollinators. These bio-retention gardens also symbolize the essential role our native plants play in human food production.