Every season brings new flavors to explore and celebrate! Harvest of the Month is a local foods promotion campaign that highlights the deliciousness of locally grown fruits and vegetables in school cafeterias across Rhode Island. The program exposes eaters to new produce and recipes while supporting local farmers in finding new markets for their crops. It also creates opportunities for food service to highlight their commitment to serving locally grown food. By providing engaging promotional materials, technical support, and seasonal inspiration we make it easy for purchasers to shine! Now, we are also providing support and resources for teachers to bring the conversation about local "yum" to the classroom as well!

Celebrate Winter

In Rhode Island, winter is the time of hearty root vegetables that keep us warm and satisfied. Think beets, potatoes, carrots, parsnips, celeriac, and kohlrabi. It's also pumpkin and squash season. A feast for the eyes and our plates, acorn, delicata, butternuts, hubbards, kabochas, and more are at the ready! We also have flowers such as broccoli and cauliflower just waiting to be cooked and spiced. Onions, garlic, and leeks are ready to season our dishes — and let's not forgot year-round favorites like kale, collards, apples, herbs, mushrooms, honey, and maple syrup available fresh or from storage in winter and all seasons!

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How does Harvest of the Month work?

If you're interested in having your school district participate in Harvest of the Month, follow these three easy steps:

  • If you are a food service provider, enroll your district here.
  • Purchase and serve a locally grown fruit or vegetable every month in your district cafeteria! We will keep you in the know about what’s available and in season from your suppliers. We'll also keep you well stocked with posters, lunch-line signs, and table tents to advertise local goodies to your local eaters.
  • Brag about your local purchases and let people know about the delicious foods you’re serving in your cafeteria! For example, post about the fact that you’re sourcing locally and serving the season's harvest on your website, blog, and social media! We'll also ask you about your local purchasing and help you spread the word.
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