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    Joseph Chazan
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    Brian Anderson
    Mikaila Arthur
    Louella, Alan, Langston & Abel Bergland
    Linda Berman
    Susan Bigger & Kevin Belanger
    Cathy & Thomas Bledsoe
    Keegan & Todd Bowman
    Dorothy & Bob Brayley
    David Bushnell
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    Suzan Amoruso
    Beth Ashenburg
    Lauri Backall & Kristin Howley
    Linda Beaulieu
    Al Bettencourt
    Lisa Bew
    Thomas Bezigian
    Heather Boccanfuso
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    Kim Ziegelmayer

Charitable Giving

A gift to Farm Fresh is one of the smartest investments you can make in the future of RI farms and food.

  • The most cost-effective way to preserve our farmland is to keep farmers farming.
  • Good food is medicine: whether you're young or old, fresh fruits and vegetables are at the heart of being healthy.
  • By stimulating connections from farm to table, we're also creating new jobs and opportunities for Rhode Island to grow.
  • Farm Fresh RI lays the groundwork for all three: viable, vibrant family farms in Rhode Island; fresh, healthy foods accessible to every Rhode Island family; more connections between local farmers and eaters.

Gifts in Memory or Honor

For gifts made in honor or in memory, or for planned giving, please contact Sheri Griffin.

Volunteering & Internships

At Farm Fresh, our work to create a more just food system is never complete. We're a nimble and quickly growing organization. Your time and energy will have a huge impact.

Below are just a sampling of the roles that we could use your help with, but we're also happy to get creative. Fill out our volunteer application with your availability, your skillset and what you'd like to do, and we'll let you know what projects look like a good fit.

  • Market Helpers. We help manage farmers markets every week of the year and need enthusiastic folks to help customers, handle veggies and get the word out about fresh, local foods. We especially can use extra hands on Thursday mornings.
  • Writers. We're always looking for writers for farm profiles! Grab your pen and a camera. Explore food production in the rustic corners of Rhode Island and meet the folks who grow your dinner.
  • Translators. Help spread the word about good food to Rhode Island's diverse communities. Spanish, Portuguese.
  • Publicists. Be the point person for your neighborhood farmers' market. Put up posters and get area businesses involved.

With Rhode Island's fields filled with sun-ripened tomatoes and fresh peaches, the summer is of course our busiest season. We offer a number of part-time summer opportunities at markets. Please send Thea your resume.