Farm Fresh Rhode Island launched Harvest of the Month in 2015 as a local foods marketing & promotion campaign for all RI cafeterias.

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Farm to School
Farm to School

Empowering youth to love fresh food and to be food systems fluent

Read a one-pager on the RI Farm to School Project.

The RI Farm to School Project began in 2004 at Kids First and now continues at Farm Fresh Rhode Island as a part of our mission to connect every Rhode Islander with fresh, local food. At the same time that obesity and diabetes are occurring at record rates among children, the Farm to School Project empowers youth to think critically about the food they eat, to learn about nearby farms and how food is produced, and to taste for themselves that healthy, fresh foods can be super delicious. Paired with programs like Harvest Kitchen and Healthy Foods, Healthy Families, the Farm to School Project is a critical part of Farm Fresh's strategy for fostering a culture of healthy eating in the next generation of eaters.

Check out our Parents Guide: How To Host a Local Food Tasting in School Cafeterias.

A "Farm to School" taste test introduces students to fresh, nutritious foods while teaching them about locally grown fruits and vegetables. Taste tests are fun & memorable experiences for students, creating positive food environments & involving them in the choice to enjoy fresh fruits & vegetables in their school meal. Taste-testing events also help build community among school food service providers & the school community members that volunteer to host the activity.

Farm to School
Farm to School

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Guided by best practices learned from our successful Farm to School work, Farm Fresh encourages all cafeterias, including preschools, universities, senior centers and hospitals, to serve fresh, local foods. We use a systems approach, working with cafeterias to connect them to a supply of locally grown foods, while creating demand among diners with educational programs and events.

On the supply end, we stay in close contact with local farmers and local produce distributors to keep current with what is available and appropriate to move through institutional supply chains.

To build demand, we offer assistance to cafeteria purchasers in sourcing, preparing, marketing and serving foods that use local ingredients. Our harvest of the month promotion offers an incentive to incorporate local food into cafeteria menus by offering posters, stickers, and recipe suggestions.

At the same time, we work to get consumers excited about tasty, fresh food by presenting tastings and educational activities focused on delicious, locally grown food. These programs help eaters understand the impact of their food choices on their bodies, their community and on the environment.

We encourage community members to get involved in the food — by touching it, tasting it, writing about it, or playing games with it — and let the naturally delicious food do the real work, changing people’s perspectives about shopping and eating.

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