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RI Harvest Kitchen Project

Youth Made • Local Farms • Job Skills • Good Food

Can applesauce create new opportunities for RI farmers and at-risk youth? From local orchards to a commercial kitchen in Providence to your dinnertable. From the juvenile justice system to employable jobs skills and experience. The Harvest Kitchen is part of Farm Fresh Rhode Island's initiative to increase the variety of value-added local farm products available, and part of the Farm Fresh mission to create a community-based food system.

Harvest Kitchen currently operates processing / educational kitchens at a rented kitchen near the Wintertime Market in Pawtucket and inside the RI Training School in Cranston. Discussions are underway for a future site in Newport.

Apple sauce jars

Cranberry Applesauce
A perfect mix of tart and sweet, with apples from the trees of Hill Orchards paired with Fresh Meadows cranberries and a splash of Aquidneck Honey.

16oz and 24oz: apples, cranberries, honey, lemon juice, cinnamon

Strawberry Applesauce
Sweet early summer strawberries from the fields of Schartner Farms in Exeter and apples from the trees of Hill Orchards in Johnston.

16oz and 24oz: apples, strawberries, lemon juice

Classic Applesauce
Perfectly ripe apples from the trees of Hill Orchards in Johnston and Barden Family Orchard in North Scituate. Simple is delicious!

16oz and 24oz: apples, lemon juice


Dried Apple Slices
A mix of chewy and crispy, our dehydrated Hill Orchards apple slices make a naturally sweet and healthy snack!

3oz and 6oz: just apples

Where to Buy
Seasonal Specials
  • Peach Slices from Hill Orchards, Barden Family Orchard and Confreda Farms with a splash of Aquidneck Honey
  • Whole Tomatoes from Schartner Farms and Confreda Farms
  • Pickles with veggies from assorted local farms
    • Onion Relish
    • Bread & Butter Zucchini Pickles
    • Hot Carrot Pickles
    • Dilly Beans
    • Pickled Green Tomatoes
Harvest Kitchen News & Updates

2014 Year in Review
  • Harvest Kitchen Graduate and Salesman Osbert Styles was invited to Washington DC to speak at a meeting of the Coordinating Council on Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention.
  • Harvest Kitchen functioned as a small business incubator for four fledgling culinary start-ups.
  • Over 35 youth worked towards positive change and individual success in the Harvest Kitchen culinary program.
  • Harvest Kitchen continues to diversify and expand the scope of our retail efforts, adding frozen breads and seasonal soups to our list of tasty local offerings.

The Harvest Kitchen Project is a 20-week culinary and job-readiness training program for youth within the Division of Juvenile Corrections. The youth will create a line of high-quality preserved foods using ingredients sourced from local farmers at a certified kitchen in Pawtucket. Our culinary training and education consists of:

Products made in the Harvest Kitchen are sold at local stores, farmers markets and to wholesale customers via Farm Fresh RI's Market Mobile, and we hope to soon offer bulk quantities to area schools, hospitals and cafeterias. In the long-term, proceeds from sales will sustain the Harvest Kitchen program. We envision forging strong partnerships in the community that benefit farmers and provide healthy options for consumers, restaurants and institutional food service buyers.

The Harvest Kitchen staff also aims to foster good relationships with employers who provide employment/internship opportunities to our graduates to further their job readiness and employable job skills.

Chef Jen Stott manages the culinary skills training program. Jen also teaches youth at Tides Family Services.