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Who's Who at Farm Fresh
Board of Directors
  • Jonathan Cambra
    Assistant Director of Culinary Operations,
    Roger Williams University
  • Chris Clegg
    Farmer, Four Town Farm
  • Kerrie Donahue
    Development Director, Gordon School
  • Maureen Pothier
    Department Chair, College of Culinary Arts, Johnson & Wales University
  • Neha Raukar, M.D., M.S.
    Director, Division of Sports Medicine, Department of Emergency Medicine, Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University
  • Bruce Tillinghast
    Chef Instructor, Johnson & Wales University
    Former Chef/Owner of New Rivers American Bistro
  • Michael Zabelin
    Staff Attorney, Rhode Island Legal Services

Mikayla Anthes
Community Nutrition Education Manager -

Mikayla grew up in a household where food played a central role in her family's day-to-day life. The dinner table brought the whole family together every day and served as a place to gather and celebrate, always appreciating and savoring the delicious flavors of each home cooked meal. This love for and devotion to food led her to study nutrition in college and develop an even stronger passion for food, extending further to the connection between the food we eat, the health of our bodies and the health of the land from which it is grown. Mikayla has several years of experience teaching nutrition and garden education in traditional classroom settings, as well as outdoor and experiential-based learning environments. Upon graduating from the University of Rhode Island in 2010 with a B.S. in Nutrition and Dietetics, Mikayla went on to live and work on 3 organic farms as an apprentice where she gained invaluable firsthand experience in the principles of sustainable agriculture, community development, and the relationship between animals and humans, the environment, and how our food is produced.

Now as an AmeriCorps VISTA at Farm Fresh, Mikayla coordinates and teaches the Healthy Foods Healthy Families nutrition program at farmers markets, connecting families to good food and sound nutrition, and empowering them to live healthy lives.

Molly Bledsoe
Operations Associate -

Molly started volunteering at the Wintertime Farmers' Market in December 2008 on a whim, and just kept showing up. Working for Farm Fresh RI opened her eyes to the local food movement and the larger environmental movement, causing her to change her concentration at Brown University from English to Environmental Studies. After a year as an Americorps VISTA, Molly started full time at Farm Fresh in June of 2013. She assists the Farmers Market Program Manager and the Finance Director with behind-the-scenes data and numbers work, as well as working on the ground managing and assisting at farmers markets.

Bryan Bjorklund
Food System Fellow -

Bryan graduated in the spring of 2015 with a Bachelors degree in Biology from Luther College, a liberal arts school situated in the picturesque bluffs of Northeast Iowa. Due to his father’s Navy career he spent six years in Hawaii, and developed a deep-rooted love for the ocean and its rich bio-diversity. He is passionate about protecting the oceans from overfishing and pollution stemming from modern industrial agriculture.

Bryan is in Rhode Island for at least a year to work as a Farm Fresh Fellow, and be a member of the Episcopal Service Corps where he lives with three other service corps members in intentional community. Ask him about aquaponics!

Kim Clark
Farm to Cafeteria Coordinator -

Chef Kimberly has been an enthusiastic consumer and creator of food her entire life. At Farm Fresh, Kimberly is the RI Farm to Cafeteria Coordinator, promoting RI grown produce to RI school communities. She is a member of the Northeast Regional Steering Committee for the National Farm to School Network, a contributing member of the 6 state collaborative FINE: Farm to Institution in New England and affiliated with School Food FOCUS, a national collaborative that leverages the knowledge and procurement power of large school districts to make school meals nationwide more healthful, regionally sourced, and sustainably produced.

Kimberly teaches educational programs about local farms, cooking and nutrition to audiences of all ages and helps to develop sustainable relationships between farmers, food service directors and distributors throughout the New England region. As a chef, Kimberly brings her wealth of local food experience to every dish she creates, helping others to understand, appreciate and develop a preference for seasonal cooking and locally produced ingredients.

Chef Kimberly graduated summa cum laude from Johnson and Wales University with a BS in Culinary Nutrition and an AS in Culinary Arts. She is ServSafe certified.

Axel Contreras
Market Mobile Associate

Axel is 21 years old and was born and raised in Pawtucket, RI. He is a huge optimist and family is very important part of his life.

Michelle Cruz
Administrative Assistant -

Michelle's parents and grandparents were organic farmers in Cabo Verde and Portugal. Her parents came to America and although they lived in three story tenement with a small backyard, they cultivated their garden almost immediately. Michelle loved learning about different herbs and vegetables throughout the years and has used that knowledge to start her own line of natural hair, beauty and home products called Natural Creola. Michelle belongs to the Sandywoods Farm Community Garden and has been an avid attendee of the Wintertime Farmers Market. Michelle is excited to join the Farm Fresh RI team and hopes to help more people in the surrounding community learn about the organization and the local food movement.

Osbert Duoa
Retail Sales Associate -

Osbert Duoa was born in Liberia in 1994. He came to the US with his Mom in 1999 when he was 5 years old. He grew up in Pawtucket and currently lives in Providence, Rhode Island. He graduated from high school in 2012. He is currently the Retail Sales Manager for the Rhode Island Harvest Kitchen Project. He enthusiastically sells the Harvest Kitchen value added products at both winter and summer farmers; markets throughout the state. Personally, he enjoys spending time with family and friends, listening to music, and making others happy.

Claudia Espaillat
Harvest Kitchen VISTA -

Claudia got interested in local food, nutrition and food justice while living in beautiful San Diego California. Now she's back in Rhode Island, looking to share that knowledge and passion with youth, peers and customers in her hometown.

Kimberly Garofolo
Market Mobile Manager -

Trimming fresh string beans and pulling up carrots from her Grandmother's garden was a ritual for Kimberly, as everyone had their part in preparing the family's weekly, Sunday feast. Having access to this family garden and growing up in a Connecticut town that had farms all around, it was easy to appreciate the amazing tastes of locally grown produce. After visiting a local farm stand, she would often grab a tomato and start chomping on it as soon as her Mom paid for it.

While living in New York City after college, Kimberly worked at a small Italian restaurant named Caffe Buon Gusto (meaning "good taste"). All the food was made with fresh ingredients, something that gave her pride in the food she served. Most of the produce came from New Jersey farms, the pasta from a local producer and the fish from a Connecticut fisherman. Fresh, wholesome, local foods did taste amazingly good!

Kimberly has an appreciation for the communities in which she's lived and especially loves Rhode Island. She also believes that most people take pride in and enjoy supporting their local economies by buying local. To support this belief, she is happy in her role as outreach for Market Mobile. She enjoys connecting with local businesses by offering them locally grown produce and locally made products through Farm Fresh RI's awesome, wholesale distribution program.

Paula Gill
Finance Director -

Paula is a local urban gardener with a love for growing and eating fresh organic produce. A recent trip to Italy sparked a desire to change the way she fed herself, after being deeply impacted by Italians' passionate relationship to food and the Slow Food movement there. Since returning, she has dreamt of farming in Tuscany. By joining the Davis Park Community Gardens, as well as becoming a first year beekeeper, she has been able to make this dream a reality right here in Providence.

Paula brings with her a first-hand knowledge of running a small business, in addition to her knack for numbers. She is excited about joining Farm Fresh Rhode Island and being a member of the local sustainable food movement.

Mark Goldberg-Foss
Receiving Operations Manager -

Mark Goldberg-Foss was born in suburban South Florida and grew up in a landscape of nondescript strip malls and chain stores. As a result, since finishing college in 2008, he has lived in northern cities. Upon arriving in Providence in May of 2013 he began volunteering with Farm Fresh and soon started working as a drivers' assistant before joining the warehouse team. His interest in local food derives from a strong belief in the need for sustainable communities and human-scale economies. He is excited to be part of a dynamic and growing regional logistics operation, and he is proud to serve an organization that not only isn't ruining the world but also takes active steps to un-ruin it. In his free time he is a musician and a Scorpio and he rides his bike everywhere.

Sheri Griffin
Co-Executive Director - Community Access -

After establishing a farm stand and mail order citrus business with her parents and grandparents after high school, Sheri Griffin attended the University of Rhode Island, receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and biology. After graduation, Ms. Griffin entered the nonprofit world, beginning as Director of Development and Publicity at AS220, a nonprofit arts center in Providence. Since then, she has worked at a range of nonprofits of various sizes and has become active in her neighborhood, working with other volunteers to keep a library branch open and starting a community garden.

Onelissa Martinez
Community Nutrition Education VISTA -

After being a summer VISTA for Healthy Foods, Healthy Families at Farm Fresh Rhode Island, Onne has returned as a year-long VISTA. With an Environmental Studies major, focused on Religion/Philosophy, she learned the significance of cultivating good habits within communities in order to make sustainable change. The overall Farm Fresh motto of connecting local food to local people, aligns with Onne's outlook on encouraging positive change.

Hannah Mellion
Program Director - Food System Enterprise -

Hannah discovered a passion for food and agriculture after completing a cross-country cycling trip in 2006. Weeks of cycling through magnificent wheat and massive corn fields provided her first real look at agriculture in this country, and caused her to question where all that corn was going! Her curiously led her to learn more about the way we produce food and to become interested and involved in the local foods movement. The local foods movement also provided a perfect way to combine her interests in health, nutrition, agriculture, and community work.

After spending numerous summers working on urban and rural farms, she found her way to Farm Fresh RI in 2008. Today, Hannah works on Farm Fresh RI's distribution related programs, including Market Mobile and Veggie Box, and Farm to School/Institution/Hospital initiatives.

Alexandre Mendonca
Warehouse Manager -

Alex grew up and currently resides in North Providence. Alex's major goal as warehouse manager of Farm Fresh is to establish and maintain a positive and safe environment for farmers, customers and workers. Alex is a dedicated to Farm Fresh's mission and enjoys enjoys working hard to achieve his goals. Alex's work as a driver for Market Mobile and Veggie Box provided him with many opportunities to interact with customers and learn more about each program. He enjoys working in a team focused environment like Farm Fresh. Outside of work, Alex spends his time with his fiancé and their newborn baby girl!

Beth Myre
Veggie Box Manager -

After spending a summer in Portland, Oregon, where fruit falls from the sky and vegetables grow in front yards, Beth Myre suddenly understood the joy of harvesting her own food. A year later, she was interning on a farm in Connecticut, and has slowly been finding her place in the local food movement ever since. Beth has an M.S. in Environmental Engineering.

Jesse Rye
Co-Executive Director - Food System Enterprise -

Jesse is from a small town in Wisconsin, on the shores of Lake Michigan. His family tree is populated with cheesemakers, barbers and general store owners. As a result, entrepreneurship and supporting local business is in his blood. As he grew up, many of the core industries in Jesse's small community locked their doors. Simultaneously, family farms were closing and being replaced by factory farms. These dramatic changes inspired Jesse to learn how communities could revitalize themselves economically while preserving their unique sense of place, cultural traditions and environmental integrity. He has worked locally as a nonprofit manager; nationally as a researcher and advocate; and statewide as program director and communications specialist. These collective experiences have given him a perspective on how innovative people and organizations serving social causes build stronger communities. Jesse is an avid cook and gardener. He is glad to now call Rhode Island home.

Georgina Sarpong
Farmers Market Program Manager -

Chef Georgina grew up in and is a current resident of Providence, RI. She has always had a passion for food. After attending Johnson & Wales University, she spent a few years working for fast-paced restaurants and catering businesses, earning her stripe to become an executive chef. She developed and led new projects for more innovative, creative and healthy eating styles with her past employment and community. She is a firm believer in healthy and local eating in all neighborhoods. She strives to build the connection between the "cook" and the "farm" and now has the opportunity to work with a great team whose mission supports her beliefs.

Jen Stott
Harvest Kitchen Chef Educator -

Harvest Kitchen is an all-encompassing job for Jennifer. Cooking has always been a lifelong passion. Her parents were both educators and are now happy to see their daughter follow their vocation. As a child, summers were spent cultivating her family's large fruit and vegetable gardens. The fall was a time for preserving jars of delicious foods for the winter. Harvest Kitchen allows Jennifer to enjoy the opportunity to educate urban youth and create delicious products while assisting farmers by putting their excess harvest to a good cause.

Thea Upham
Program Director - Community Access -

Thea Upham moved to Providence in 2004 to attend Johnson & Wales University and holds a degree in Foodservice Entrepreneurship. She has spent the past 10 years working with food in different capacities (as a chef, vendor and farm-hand) and has always been mindful of linking her work to the larger local food system. She firmly believes that the decisions we make about what we eat and where it comes from can have great impacts on the health and welfare of our local community, and hopes to tie these ideals into her work at Farm Fresh RI.